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Moon pictures

OompaLoompa  ●  620 views

Here are some of the best pictures of the Moon that I took using my telescope.

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Why is Netflix so popular?

WatchMeRant  ●  610 views

Why is Netflix so popular when it lacks in movies completely? As well as that it takes two years for the next season or...

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What is Arduino and should I get it?

jimmy  ●  488 views

Arduino(or Genuino if your in Europe like me) is an open-sorce project for people who want to get into electronics and...

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Wood burning with a soldering iron.

OompaLoompa  ●  375 views

Have you ever wanted to burn design's onto wood. Well it's not that hard, it's very easy and you can...

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Will Humans ever be a multi planet species?

WatchMeRant  ●  366 views

At the moment every human being is stuck on Earth, besides the six astronauts on the space station and the eleven...

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Learn the basics of HTML in under 10 minutes

AddFreak  ●  366 views

Have you ever wondered how websites are made, do you want to make one? You're going to need HTML without a shout of...

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Learn to code with Arduino

jimmy  ●  351 views

Learn the basics of Arduino code with an example that we step through. Learn about the code that you need to setup and...

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Computer logic gates and Logic tables

OompaLoompa  ●  288 views

Logic gates are essential if you want to work with electronics, even for hobbyists.

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Negatives of going to space

jimmy  ●  186 views

I recently did an article on the benefits of space but now it's time to talk about the negatives.

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Who was Carl Sagan?

Xyulla  ●  63 views

Carl Sagan is perhaps one of the most influential cosmologists, astrophysicists and TV personality. He worked along side...

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Sniper Kill on Operation Locker

OompaLoompa  ●  10 views

Sniper Kill on Operation Locker on BF4

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Bow to the face kill on BF4

OompaLoompa  ●  10 views

Bow to the face kill on BF4 on Operation locker rush

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