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You can post anything related to sport. Post an article, video or podcast with a descriptive title and description. Make sure your post relates to sport. If you use someone else's images etc. then please link where you found it (common courtesy).


  • Here, gym is a sport. If you do something awesome at the gym with a pull-up bar etc. then definitely post it.
  • No Spam.
  • No plain links (if you are linking to something, make sure to include a description of what it is).
  • Be nice to some extent (no witchhunting).
  • Proper titles, no one-worders.
  • No racism
  • Mods and Admins have final say, if you think you are being treated unfairly then message them ONCE.
  • Think we should add/append a rule? We are working on the Panpact congress! You will be able to submit a bill that will be voted on by anyone and may get passed into Panpact law.