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About The Site

Panpact is a community designed for people to post article and videos showcasing their hobbies. Gain followers who will see when you post new content and get the feedback you need. Trending article can only trend for a maximum of one week. Promoted articles are selected by our staff and users with the highest privileges. You do not need an account to comment however you do need an account to post content. You must remeber to be nice. Members of the community who contribute a significant amount, not just posting, but giving feedback, helping and keeping the site clean, are promoted and receive bonus privileges. Please do not ask to be promoted.

How does it work?

You post article or videos about your hobby, as long as you do anything to do with that hobby it can be posted. You can see new posts about certain hobbies by visiting it's page, i.e. 'Learn HTML 5' would be on the programming hobby page. If you have a suggestion or an idea that should become part of the site then just email us. We love to hear from our users to see what we can do better. If your hobby is not on the list on the homepage dont worry, you can contact us by email and suggest a new category.

The Communtiy

Everyone who visits Panpact is a member of our team. We are all on the same team so try your best to be nice to everyone regardless of whether they are nice to you. Only the good people who contribute in a good way are rewarded.


We love to hear from you the audience and community about anything, whether it's a question or sharing your posts we want to see what your up to. Feedback is also much appreciated. Don't be afraid to throw some criticism or point out bugs, mistakes and misspelled word. We try our best to make sure everything is in order but sometimes mistakes and bugs slip past unnoticed. There are various ways in which you can get in contact with is. Email is the form of contact that we check the most. You can contact us or chat with us on twitter. @TheRealPanpact is our twitter. You can also visit our facebook page. As mentioned before you can email us. Our public email address is contact@Panpact.com We would love to hear your ideas and feedback. If you have a question, query, idea or just want to chat then email us or chat with us on the article we post.

Business Enquiries

If you wish to sponsor a video or article published by a member of Panpact you can contact using our business email. Please use this email for business enquiries only. If you want to sponsor an article or video published by another user then you must contact them specifically. If you have any other business enquiries contact the same email.

How to Post?

If you want to know what you can post visit What Can I Post?. We have made posting on Panpact as easy as possible. Let's start with your title. The title must be less than 180 characters. Your main 'body' of the post can be as short or as long as possible but it must contain something. Your description is the most important, it dictates how people find you article. When someone searches for something our systems check if you post is relevant enough to display based on your title as description. Your description must be between 100 and 160 characters long. Your thumbnail is also important. Users click on the one that stand out to them. Your thumbnail should have a width to height ratio of 1.95:1. If it is too small or too large it will be resized and it might look stretched and ugly, so try keep your thumbnail to a size of 675 width and 345 height for best results.

You can add in basic html such as line breaks, links, headers etc. Alternatively you can use our basic built in system to add in header, line breaks and links. The code to implement header, line breaks and links is available on the post page, just copy and paste it. Videos must be less than 120mb for hosting reasons, but we plan on changing this as soon as possible, so please, bear with us

What Can I Post?

You can post anything to do with the hobbies listed below. Of course their are some rules, check them out at the bottom. Certain things do better than others. We love to see a variety of things posted on Panpact, here's a list of the various hobbies to post about on Panpact:

  • Arts and Craft
  • Space and Astronomy
  • Design and Engineering
  • Discussion, includes writing stories and articles about things not listed here
  • Electronics
  • Film and Video
  • Games
  • Metalwork
  • Modeling
  • Music and Sound effects
  • Woodwork
  • Programming
  • Sport
  • Technology

We continue to be surprised every day by the things our users post. Seeing the new things that our community has come up with every day, it truly is the reason we get out of bed. Rumour has it that if you post something really interesting, funny or just cool in general, it will get featured on the home page for a while. You do not necessarily need loads of likes to get featured, it's more of a critics pick type of thing.

As mentioned before, certain things are not allowed on this site and certain things are just frowned upon. Their are certain terms that allow the following to be posted. Here is what is prohibited on the site:

  • Pornography
  • Anything illegal
  • Links to 'questionable' sites without stating what they are.

There are exceptions to the above. You are permitted to discuss things illegal such as discussing a recent crime or providing information regarding a recent crime. Although you are allowed to write about the details of a crime we do not want to see images of, for example, the victims corpse. If you really want to share that information you can link to it but tell the reader what it links to. Although it may be frowned upon by certain individuals you are allowed post jokes/comedy article about Hitler and other foul people and sensitive topics.

Want to link to us. Just copy this code.

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