Plant's are a core component to our planet. For example they recycle are carbon dioxide and excrete oxygen for human's and animals to inhale. Plant's and tree's are very different to us, they do not move around, they produce their own food, animals have complex sensory system's were as plant's have extremely basic sensory systems and the list goes on. There are other not so obvious differences as well. For example plant's do not require oxygen, they also have a cell wall which gives them structure and therefore they do not require a skeleton. For this article we decided to keep diagram's as simple as possible in order to make them easier to read and understand.

Cell wall and structure
Above is the structure of plant tissue. Cells are packed together and because they all have a cell wall around the membrane they give the plant it's structure. Inside each cell there is chlorophyll. Chlorophyll give's the plant it's green pigment and allows the plant to photosynthesize. In science we have a chemical equation for the process of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis and Tropisms
The balanced chemical equation for photosynthesis is not that complex once you understand it. To start a plant need's carbon dioxide and water. It then absorbs sunlight using chlorophyll and produces oxygen which is excretes back into our atmosphere and glucose which becomes the plant's food. Photosynthesis is crucial to a plant's way of life. Inside a plant we have two types of tube's, xylem and phloem. A plant transport's water through xylem inside itself and it transports food inside it's phloem. Now let's talk about how a plant maximizes it's efficiency. A plant has tropism's which are responses to environmental stimuli. Gravity and light are both stimuli. A plant responds to light with a phototropism. This allows a plant to grow towards the light. A plant also responds to gravity with a geotropism. The plant extends it's roots deeper into nutrient rich soil to extract more nutrient's and water. As well as extending it's roots downwards the plant extends it's main body upwards away from gravity.

The left image illustrates phototropism's and the right image illustrates geotropism's. From the above information and diagram's we can draw a conclusion about plant's. Obviously without photosynthesis plant's wouldn't be able to produce a sustainable food supply. If any single one of the 4 key component's to photosynthesis are removed then photosynthesis cannot occur. We can also see that tropism play an important role in a plant's life by allowing it to get more sun light and better nutrients.