I had a real problem with my soldering iron tips and accessories. I kept on losing them and only the other day I found most of them rusted because water got into the plastic packaging of them. I decided I was going to spend NO MORE than twenty minutes making a stand for my different soldering iron tips and the tweezers I tend to use when soldering or desoldering. I found a nice piece of wood in the scrap pile at my house. This piece of wood was a large pallet in its previous life.

I measured and drew the two lines, one that was nine centimeters (3.54 inches) and one that was thirteen centimeters(5.11 inches). Of course you can make your stand as big as you want. I marked the lines on the wood so I knew where to cut. I used a super light pencil and the camera does not show it very well so I edited in the markings to make them easier to see.

I used a hacksaw to cut through the wood. Be careful not to draw your line through a knot. Knots can be difficult to cut through, especially with a hacksaw. Sometimes if you cut through a knot it will decide to pop out and leave you with a gaping hole in your piece of wood.

The next job was to clean up the piece of wood and make it look nice. I used coarse sand paper (60 grit) and fine sand paper (120 grit) to sand down the surface of the wood. I then used a Stanley knife make the edges less sharp.

I wanted each soldering iron tip to fit in a hole in the wood with little-to-now wobble. I used a 6mm drill bit to drill eight holes in the wood. I then used a 4.5mm drill bit to drill one hole for a thinner but longer soldering iron tip I had. In the end each bit fit more or less perfectly. I did drill an extra hole that was slightly out of line with the others so I will have to fill that with wood filler some day or just get another bit.

I wanted my tweezers to be stored with my soldering iron tips. I decided I would use a 10mm drill bit to drill a deep hole in the side of the block. This way most of the surface area of the tweezers is concealed inside the stand.

You can see here that each soldering iron tip fits nicely in its place and the tweezers fits nicely in the side of the block.

I decided to stain the stand the same colour as the walls and table of my workshop. This way when I hung it up it would blend in with its surrounding to some degree. I used Ronseal wood stain and that worked great.

I used ninety degree angle brackets to secure the stand to the wall. Later on I had to put an extra bracket on each side because the angle brackets turned out to be too week to hold the weight of the stand.

If I had more time than twenty minutes and I were to build this again, there are a few things I would change. First of all I think I would use a different colour than the walls and table of my workshop. I wasn't overly happy with how the colour looked. I would prefer a darker colour. I would also try find a better way of storing the tweezers. They are not in the worst position but not the greatest either. It sticks out too much and gets in the way of other things I want to put on the wall. Overall I was 90% happy with how it turned out. Hopefully yours will be that little bit better.