Hackers are not always bad people. The stereotypical hacker has his hoody over his head and is sitting at his computer exposing holes in cyber security for his own personal gain. You might not know but sometimes, hackers are the people keeping you safe. Companies such as facebook pay people who have found security errors and bugs up to $500 to report the error or bug. There are plenty of other companies that do the same. These hackers are called whitehats. If you are somewhat simple when it comes to hacking and computing like I was a few years ago, whitehats are the good guys and blackhats are the bad guys. I did say that not all hackers are bad but some most certainly are. All of these hackers are infamous in their own way. As a result, this list is not in any particular order.

Max Ray "Iceman" Butler

Butler worked as a security consultant before he was convicted for stealing nearly two million credit card numbers and running up nearly $86 million in fraudulent charges. Even before he was sentenced to 13 years in prison, "Iceman" had accumulated quite the portfolio. He had exploited WI-FI technology, programmed malware and stealing American Express credit card information. Butler is scheduled for release in 2019.

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A greek hacker, described as a 58-year-old mathematician after his apprehension, went by the name Astra. He was arrested for stealing sensitive weapon technology data from France's Dassault Group. The incredible part about it was that he was able to do this for five consecutive years. He then sold his "newly acquired information" to numerous countries. It was reported that Dassault suffered $360 million in damages.

Gary McKinnon

McKinnon is a Scottish hacker who "allegedly" pulled off the biggest military hack of all time. He was accused of hacking into 97 US military and NASA computers throughout 2001 and early 2002. He claims that he was looking for evidence regarding free energy suppression and UFO activity. Theresa May withdrew his extradition to the US in 2012 stating that he is seriously ill with Asperger's Syndrome and depressive illness. As of 2017 McKinnon has not stood trial in any country regarding his hack.

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Vladimir Levin

Levin was arrested in 1995 for attempting to transfer nearly 11 million US dollars via Citibank computers. He did not use the internet at all to commit his hack, this has given him his spot here on this list. He used dial-up wire transfer to transfer the money to accounts in Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, the US and Isreal. Although the Russian constitution prevents extradition to foreign countries, he was arrested in London when making an interconnecting flight from Moscow.

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Marcel Lehel is a Romanian hacker most notable for exposing Hillary Clintons private email server. Guccifer has hacked a number of AOL, Yahoo, Flickr and Facebook accounts which gave him access to former high-level government officials. Guccifer was sentenced to prison in 2014 for seven years after being convicted of hacking the emails of certain Romanian officials. In May 2016 he was sentenced to 52 months in prison in the US after being extradited and pleading guilty. He will finish his seven-year sentence in Romania before serving his 52 months in the US.

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