Netflix is one of the greatest streaming services available. Along with movies and tv shows from many publishers and creators available for streaming, Netflix also produces their own shows. Both are great. There have been some series that were particularly great and are getting another season this year. Here are the four best series returning this year.

4. Suits, Season 6

Suits is a magnificent series loved by millions around the world. Suits is an American legal drama series created and written by Aaron Korsh. It first debuted back in 2011 but has won the eyes of many fans who have watched the six seasons since 2011. Like many, I'm a big fan of suits and am extremely excited to see Suits Season 7. Although this season says goodbye to Gina Torres who plays Jessica Pearson, this season will see Mike Ross restart his legal career. Season 7 is out now and the first episode is bloody brilliant. 


3. Shooter, Season 2

The great Shooter returns. Point of Impact, the novel by Stephen Hunter that was developed into a movie and now a Netflix Series has returned for its second season. The show stars Ryan Phillipe as Bob Lee Swagger, a man framed for the assassination of the Ukranian President. The first episode aired on Netflix on July 18th and the second episode is en route. The return of this show has been highly anticipated by fans and people wondering where the series could possibly go after the finale of last season. Let me just say, the first episode of season two was well made and has kept my intrigue alive for the next episode.

2. Star Trek Discovery, Season 1

Yes, that is a 1 in the title. I know this is the first season of Discovery so technically it is not returning but it is the return of the Star Trek franchise. Many are excited for Discovery which takes place ten years before the original show during the cold war between the Federation and the Klingon empire. It is not a part of the Kelvin timeline where (or when? I guess) the movies take place. Star Trek Discovery star Sonequa Martin-Green, known for her role in The Walking Dead.  This season will be particularly interesting because the protagonist is not the captain of her ship, she is the first officer. Discovery will be the first Star Trek series that does not follow the captain throughout the story. Discovery will air on CBS in the US but on Netflix for the rest of us.


1. Stranger Things, Season 2

Stranger Things, what a wonderful creation gifted to us from The Duffer Brother. It was definitely the leader of the Netflix Original gang for many, last year. Stranger Things had a great ending where we got a glimpse of what might challenge the citizens of Hawkins next. I loved Steven Spielberg's "E.T". The setting had a great feel to it and I love the way Stranger Things took that and expanded on it for the 21st century. Stranger Things will debut on October 27th, just in time for Halloween.