What is a Black Hole?

A black hole is an object in space that exerts a gravity so powerful that light cannot escape it, hence the name "black hole". Black holes are created when a star that is incredibly massive collapses in upon itself. A supernova explosion and a black hole are created when this happens. Scientists also believe that some black holes were created soon after the Big Band. We call these black holes Primordial Black holes. This diagram I drew shows the life cycle of a star depending on its size. Our sun is an average star.

lifecycle of a star

Light cannot escape the gravity of black holes so we cant actually see them. However, we can see the effects it has on nearby stars and systems. If a star is really close to a black hole it's gas will begin to fall into the black hole. I say fall because a black hole is not a vacuum.

Why do Black Holes have such a strong gravity?

When the massive star collapses in upon itself, the mass of the star is compressed into a very small space creating a point with an incredibly large density. This gives the black hole it's ridiculously powerful pulling force. 

Types of Black Holes

There are two types of Black Holes. The Schwarzschild black hole and the Kerr black hole. A Schwarzschild black hole does not rotate. A Kerr black hole does rotate because the star from which it was created was rotating when it collapsed. When a Kerr black hole produces large amounts of energy at the expense of its rotational energy, it will begin to slow down and transform into a Schwarzschild black hole. 

  • The Singularity is the center of the black hole.
  • The Event Horizon is the point of no return. Not even light or radiation can escape it.
  • The Ergosphere is the egg-shaped area surrounding the black hole. It distorts space.

Once you go past the Event Horizon space and time begins to get distorted. When you reach the Singularity of the black hole, you will be crushed to an infinite density and your mass will be added to the total mass of the black hole. Thankfully black holes don't roam around the galaxy seeking its prey, so Earth is safe from these beasts.

Black hole diagram