We all know of DC and Marvel but there are plenty of other superheroes out there that are just as good, if not better than some of the Marvel and DC ones. Let's take a look at some non-Marvel and non-DC superheroes from comics and movies in no particular order.


The Invincible, a.k.a. Mark Grayson, is the son of Omni-man. Omniman is a protector of Earth and is a member of the alien race known as the Viltumites. His mother was human but he still inherited his father's powers. After he creates a costume with his father, he begins to fight crime using his powers of strength, flight, and invulnerability.

Invincible superhero


X was a child called Johnny when he was experimented on using mutated DNA until he apparently died in a fire. He grows up as a violent teenage and is murdered by a mobster. X once again re-emerges as a serial killer who decides to target criminals and corrupt politicians.


Peyton Westlake had his laboratory blown up by a crime lord when he was working on a synthetic skin. He survived but was driven mad after he lost his skin. Westlake recreated the skin and uses it to impersonate his victims. He has heightened strength and a resistance to pain.


A supernatural creature summoned near the end of WW2 to help the Nazi's win the war. He was taken by the US army to an air force base where he was raised. Hellboy became a paranormal investigator in his adulthood. Hellboy is immune to fire, has super strength and endurance and he ages slower than your conventional human.



A government assassin named Al Simmons is betrayed and murdered but rises from the grave to become a demonic hero known as Spawn. Spawn uses his power to hurt the guilty but every time he uses his powers, he will grow closer to being a servant of hell.