So you want to know how to use Panpact? Well, it is easyFirst, you will need an account, so sign up with Facebook or your email. I suggest you customize your account. A nice profile picture, background, description and theme color all help your profile stand out from others, which will help you gain followers.

Once you have created your account, click on your profile picture in the top corner. A drop-down will appear. Click post. You will now be on the post page. If you want to post a video, podcast or some music then click post a video instead or post music/audio instead. 

Start writing your post. It can be about anything. You can write something informative, something personal, post some pictures etc. Use the buttons in the hot-bar to style your post. Then all you need to do is choose a title, write a description, upload a thumbnail and pick a category that fits your post. 

You are good to go! Click post and you will now be published on! Why not share it around. Use the social media share buttons below the post or to the side to show your friends what you have posted.