Boon Tech is an Artificial Intelligence Powered Freelance job marketplace. It could be the Fiverr Killer, Fiverr, who is the market leader in freelance job marketplace. Boon Tech is revolutionizing job marketplace using blockchain. So what makes Boon Tech stands out from their main competitors like and Check out their ICO Site -

Solving The Biggest Hurdles In Job Marketplace

The mammoth 1.4 trillion job marketplace economy is being controlled and monopolized by a few big players. They squeeze lakhs of freelancers and employers  by charging a huge 20% service fee or commission for using their centralized platforms.

Archaic review system and increasing  fake reviews makes life difficult for talented professionals and makes it tough for entrepreneurs to find the best freelancers out there.

Identity theft of all users makes the platforms like fiverr, freelancer and other legacy platforms so insecure.

Introducing Boon Platform

Boon Tech integrates Artificial Intelligence in the system, combined with IBM Watson's Big Five "intrinsic needs". It is used to infer and match the best and finest freelancers and professionals on the planet. Another advantage of Boon is that it dynamically eliminates the language barriers - means anyone can use any language of their choice and it will be translated to another language of the preference by the other party. For example, an Indian guy can converse in Hindi and it will be translated to English for an employer in USA. This  allows corporations, entrepreneurs and professionals to increase flexibility &  productivity, all without any Blockchain fluctuations, thanks to their hedging technology.

You wont believe this, But Boon is a blockchain platform without blockchain fluctuations. This was quite unbelievable until you read the whitepaper clearly. Fluctuations are a big problem in the blockchain world. Boon Tackles this problem by introducing a hedging technology which peg the payment with USD in the escrow system. If an employer is paying 2 BTC for a project and when it is released into the escrow system, it is pegged against USD, in the end when the freelancer is done with the project it will release the exact value of 2 BTC when the employer released the amount to escrow. So no fluctuations are happening here.

Boon runs on two blockchains, and they own one blockchain completely as a result Instant transactions are orchestrated  and powered by the Blockchain technology without any policing by a centralized system. That is why Boon Tech is quite a decentralized system.

Another advantage of Boon is that there is No service fees. Professionals enjoy 100% of their earnings and it can be a breather to them since platform doesn't eat up any portion of their earnings. So you might be wondering without service fees how they are actually earning revenues. They have a different revenue system in which they target to earn by giving different scale paid subscriptions. For example, if you have to roll out and bid for larger projects you have to avail the paid subscriptions. It is a luring feature because paid subscriptions get more rewards.

Boon Advantages

  • IBM Watson integrated Artificial Intelligence Powered Talent Matching Algorithm to find the best and most effective talents

  • Patent pending technology for hedging makes it a Stable Platform without any Cryptocurrency Fluctuation

  • It helps to get rid of fake users since Artificial Intelligence protects the identity of Users

  • It eliminates language barriers with auto translation. No language Barrier using AI powered technology

  • Two blockchain means it is 100 times faster than Ethereum platform

  • Secure Escrow System

Why it would be a success?

Freelancers contribute 1.4 trillion dollars annually in freelance earnings to the world

economy. 77 million people Freelance worldwide. In America alone there are 53 million

freelancers. The majority of workers will freelance by the year 2027. Millennials are

leading the way with 47% of them freelancing, more than any other generation.

Technology is enabling freelancing. The rise of digitization, including elements such as

smartphone apps, online marketplaces, and cloud computing, has made it easier for

skilled workers to take up independent productive activities, and create their own


In numerous respects, today’s standard freelancer marketplace and corporations are not

up to the task of serving 77 million people efficiently and optimize their ROI. New, more

flexible, open and rapidly adaptive economic structures and dynamics are needed.

Blockchain provides a powerful tool for managing secure and almost nil transaction fees.

However blockchain is just a tool, and it must be used in the right way. A blockchain based

framework designed to serve the needs of clients and freelancers as they interact

with each other and with external customers can enable the emergence of a collective


Boon Tech is designed to deploy Artificial Intelligence for the ever-increasing benefit of

as many freelancers and corporations/entrepreneurs as possible.

Boon Tech will be the first AI powered decentralized job marketplace with an intelligent

review system incorporated into the platform. By integrating with IBM Watson’s

Personality Insights we can predict personality characteristics, needs and values, and

better understand our customers’ habits and preferences on an individual level, and at


Artificial Intelligence Quotient (AIQ)

Boon Tech will be able to collect detailed personality portraits and incorporate the

findings into our platform with AIQ. AIQ is a score from 1 to 100 to rate a freelancer or

client, instead the traditional 5 star ratings in contemporary platforms. AIQ will represent

a broader scale to measure and quantify the personality and behaviour of the users in

the platform. AIQ will completely eliminate fake reviews.

Every user in the platform is assigned an AIQ score which is a number between 1-100,

this will eliminate the difficulty in gauging the talent of a freelancer with just 5 star


Big Five personality characteristics represent the most widely used model for generally

describing how a person engages with the world. The model includes five primary

dimensions: Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Emotional range, and

Openness. Each dimension has six facets that further characterize an individual according

to the dimension

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