Ever wanted to burn design's onto wood. You don't need a big machine, a basic soldering iron will do. All you need is some wood, something to write with and a soldering iron. The first thing you want to do is cut your wood to your desired dimensions. Get your pencil and pen and start sketching what you want to burn onto your wood. I sketched a Pikachu for Pokémon because it's a nice basic image to begin with. I drew it nice and light so that it was easy to rub out if I made a mistake. The pencil will be burn away once you begin to trace the pencil with your soldering iron.

Once I had drawn my image on the wood I switched on my soldering iron and let it heat up to it's maximum temperature. I am using wood burning tips that came with the soldering iron, they are more durable and allow you to bur curves and lines of different thickness but a regular soldering tip should work fine. I traced all the lines with the soldering iron once it was hot. I made a few mistake's so this first piece of wood-art does not look the greatest. Be careful not to let your hand slip when pushing or dragging your soldering iron, this can leave mark's on your work or even burn you. I suffered both of these while making this Pikachu.

Hopefully your wood burned images look a lot better than this messy Pikachu. Later on I went over it with a thicker tip to neaten it up a bit. Once your comfortable with wood burning why not move on to some more complex images. I tried this zebra design and I was quite happy with how it turned out.