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Welcome to the PinBoard

The pinboard is a place for any user to post their opinions, thoughts and comments about anything relating to Panpact. You can write about users, posts or the website itself, amoung other things. Official announcements by the team will be made here aswell.


Categories can now be created by any user. They will then be reviewed and implemented.


Added new categories. You can also click categories at the bottom of the page to view all of them in one place!


Fiction is now thing! Post something fictional, funny, exciting or scary. Emphasis on the scary!


An update on new features: PinBoard can now be filtered by new pins and pins from the team, such as myself. Article page has been slightly improved. You can now follow users directly from the article and video pages. The edit and posting pages have been dramatically improved. The WYSIWYG editor has been 75% re-coded to make it work better, it also has some new features and looks 10x better than the mess it used to be. -Jack


eyo, im new here but hi! This site seems pretty interesting and I'm definitely gonna stick around for it's development!


There are a fair few grammatical errors on the site and the fact that it is not https scares me. There is also info that I can find on the base of operations. All in all I do not feel safe on the site, but I will use it because I like the thought. Also this box should allow me to see all the text I have typed so far.


Article and Video pages have been updated


Pinboard seems like an interesting idea. I think it's a cool way for people to post their thoughts on the website and content created by users!


The pinboard is officially up and running!


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